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Counselling is a proven effective strategy for overcoming life’s many challenges. Whether you’re struggling with your mental health, or you have challenges in your relationship, or you simply need someone to talk to on a daily basis, counselling is the best possible solution.

But counselling also requires commitment, and for many, that commitment can be very hard to manage. It’s not uncommon to find yourself busy or overwhelmed, and the idea that you have to drive down to the counsellor on a regular basis can be problematic – especially if the counsellor you want to see is far away.

Internet Based Counselling Available at Innovative Counselling Solutions

At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we believe that a counsellor should be there when you need them. That is why we are proud to offer E-

Counselling – online video counselling services through products like Skype that allow you to communicate directly with your counsellor from anywhere with an internet connection. E-Counselling is on the forefront of innovative counselling solutions, which is why we make sure to offer this valuable counselling option with benefits that include:

  • Access to Counsellor from Anywhere – If you are on vacation, or you’re stuck at home taking care of the kids, or you simply are unable to meet in person, you can meet with your counsellor online and make sure that you’re able to speak to someone.
  • Access to Counsellors Out of the City – Innovative Counselling Solutions is proud to have clients from all over the world, not just Calgary. We are happy to help those in need no matter where you may be located. We’re a multilingual, international team as well, for those looking for cultural connection.

Video counselling also allows you to meet up with us on your own schedule, so that any time you have a free hour you can schedule an appointment. Great for parents, executives, the self-employed, on call workers, and those that simply lead busy and/or hectic lives.

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The Internet has broken down boundaries, and E-Counselling is one of the benefits of the way the web has brought everyone together. We’re proud to offer affordable E-Counselling services, providing a great way to make sure that you’re about to see a counsellor no matter your distance or schedule. Give us a call today at 403-879-2503 to find out more about our online counselling services, or to schedule your first appointment.