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Relationships are one of the
most important parts of the
human experience.
Solutions for Couples
We can provide that extra ear to make sure your child has someone to talk to Solutions for Children Healthy relationships with your family are so
important for your wellbeing
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Counselling Solutions that Last a Lifetime

You can change your life.. We can help.


We live in a stressful world – a world surrounded by troubles, traumas, and experiences that shape how we interact with it emotionally.

It’s easy to find yourself trapped with unwanted thoughts, troubled emotions, and relationships that weigh on your life.


  • What if you could live a happier life?
  • What if you could be easier on yourself?
  • What if you could experience better relationships?
  • What if your home life could be more harmonious?


If you feel stuck with the way you feel, talking with a counsellor can help you break your way out. You can free yourself of the pressures you feel each and every day. You need a change.

Solutions for Individuals

If you’re ready to start improving your mental, emotional, and spiritual health, we provide a range of therapy services to Calgary residents that want help in coping with both their personal life and work life.

Solutions for Couples

We provide a variety of therapeutic strategies, creating a judgment free environment that carefully examines your struggles and teaches you skills to communicate, solve problems, manage/resolve conflicts and cope with relationship stress.

Solutions for Families

We provide family counselling services for parents, children, and even distant family members to help repair relationships and ensure that the family dynamic is as healthy as possible.

Special Assessments

We offer psychological and neuropsychological assessments for children and adults in order to assess, diagnose, or uncover brain functioning deficits in relation to emotions, behavior and cognition.

Hello, I’m Doctor Prince

Expert Therapist in Calgary


Dr. Oteng-Boateng is committed to creating a supportive, professional, and safe therapeutic space and promises complete confidentiality and zero judgment. He considers his work with clients a special privilege and looks forward to getting to know you and helping you on your path to recovery.

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We provide counselling services and have a range of therapeutic options to meet your specific needs.


Our role is to create a safe, respectful, supportive and emotionally healthy environment where we can work together to start addressing your concerns.

DRI Alliance for marriage and divorce professionals
Gottman relationship checkup approved memeber

Connect with expert psychologists in calgary

with proven interventions and practical solutions

At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we offer several decades of experience helping men and women like you heal.

Our goal is to provide emphatic understanding, with cutting-edge interventions and practical solutions in the context of a safe and supportive environment. A place you can share your concerns, problems, and desires so that by working together we can reclaim your lost self, create the change you need and bring meaning to your life.



Caring and compassionate

Innovative Counselling is a professional and safe space. The therapists there put you at ease, are easy to talk to, and are non-judgmental. It is clear that they care about their clients and want what is best for them in every situation.


If you’re ready to begin making a change in your life – the one you’ve been hoping to achieve for far too long – you’re in the right place.

Let’s get to know each other, so that we can start building the trust necessary to work toward healing and positive change in your life.

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