Recovering from addiction is a complex process, and something that is so hard when you’re on your own.


Addictions are not JUST biological or JUST psychological or JUST genetic or JUST the result of your own decisions.


It’s all of those things and more, and that’s why addictions counselling is so important.



Goals and Outcomes of Calgary Addictions Counselling


Addictions counselling tries to address all of the issues that go into not only the causes of addiction, but also how to prevent you from relapsing into that addiction:


  • Underlying Problems – Few people find solace in addiction without there being something that pushes them into it. Often there is sadness, low self-esteem, or struggle in a person’s background. , and that makes them lean on their addiction to help them with recovery.


  • Current Awareness – Those that struggle with addiction often have trouble with self-control when faced with the stimuli they’re addicted to. Working with a Calgary addictions therapist, you’ll be able to motivate yourself to make the right choices without finding yourself encountering greater stress.


  • Replacement Coping Skills – Addictions often become your primary coping mechanism with the stresses of life. From drugs to alcohol to shopping to gambling, it’s not uncommon to turn to these addictions any time you experience hardship. Together, we’ll teach you replacement coping skills so that you have better tools to use when you feel pressure.


By working on not only your addiction, but also the other issues that you’ve been struggling with in life, you’ll be well on your way to recovering from your addictions once and for all.


Addictions come in many shapes and sizes. While drug, alcohol, and gambling addiction are the most common, you deserve to be free from any type of addiction that impacts your life in a negative way. You deserve to channel that energy into productive activities and avoid falling into future addictions.



Control Your Addictions At Innovative Counselling Solutions


It’s not always a smooth process and it’s not always an easy one. But if you’re ready to start making those changes that you need to recover from addiction, contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today. Let’s discuss your addiction problems and talk about all of the methods and tools that are available to help you not only overcome them – but also keep them from coming back.

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