“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”

–Ralph Waldo Emerson


Anger is unpleasant and damaging to everyone. It affects relationships, when you let your anger out on others. It affects you, because you feel like you can’t control this stressful, damaging emotion.


Many people with anger management end up struggling with other emotional issues as a result of their rage, and those added emotions end up causing future anger and future frustrations.



Relief From Anger


Anger is one of the least productive emotions that human beings can manage. Human beings do not respond well to anger, and those that are angry put themselves under tremendous stress and pressure. Anyone involved in an angry emotion/conformation ends up losing in the end.


  • So why do we become angry?


  • Why does that anger seem to spiral?


  • Why is it that anger makes us feel like we’re losing control?


As an emotion, anger serves very little purpose. It can scare away danger, but it doesn’t command leadership. It’s an emotion that triggers a lot of anxiety and stress because it’s an emotion that is based on anxiety and stress. Anger, as an emotion, can only keep you safe by terrifying the dangers in front of you. Those that react with anger are often experiencing a severe fear response that is based directly in severe stress.



It’s Time to Experience a Change in Your Emotions


Once you realize that anger is based on experiencing a fear-like response, it’s easy to see why those that experience anger problems are just as damaged by their own anger as those that are on the receiving end of the anger response. Anger is overwhelming.


That emotional toll is only made worse by the effects of that anger. Relationship challenges, trouble at work – being angry does have an impact, and that impact continues to create more stress, and ultimately more anger. It’s a cycle that needs to be broken. A cycle that needs a change.



Let Us Help You Control Your Anger


Anger control is possible. At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we can work with you to help you prevent your anger, control it when it does occur, and repair the relationships that your anger affects.


If you find yourself struggling with anger problems, it’s time to make a change. Together, we can use find solutions to your rage. Contact us today to learn more about anger management treatment options and start repairing your emotions today.

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