Anxiety is an often misunderstood condition. It is not simply fear or nervousness. It’s a feeling of losing control, with physical and mental symptoms that are at best irritating, and at worst completely overwhelming.


  • Mental Symptoms – Anxiety can cause rapid thoughts. It can cause you to become stressed about events that shouldn’t be that stressful, or create worries about issues that may not be as severe as they feel. Anxiety can create negative thinking, where you assume the worst is going to happen, and it can sap out positive thoughts, possibly leading to depression.


  • Physical Symptoms – Anxiety can cause sweating, rapid heartbeat, and a feeling of something going seriously wrong. Anxiety can mimic other serious health conditions leading to health anxieties, and it can create displaced physical energy that makes it feel like you need to run away, even though there is nothing to run from.


You can experience only mental symptoms, with fears and worries disabling you. You can also experience only physical symptoms – where it feels like everything is going wrong with your body, but your thoughts do not appear that anxiety fueled. You likely experience some of both, and are desperately seeking a change.



Challenges of Living With Anxiety


Because anxiety is so troubling and so controlling, it is also something you need to respond to. But unfortunately two symptoms of anxiety can also keep that from happening:


  • Anxiety is self-sustaining, causing you to fear anxiety and thus create more of it.
  • Anxiety can cause you to feel as though it can’t be cured.


An actual symptom of anxiety is a feeling of having no hope – as though you’re limited to struggling with your anxiety symptoms forever. There are even those that feel addicted to it, as though they couldn’t imagine living any other way.


It doesn’t have to be true.


Anxiety is one of the most treatable emotional issues out there. With the right approach and a commitment to healing, you can find yourself overcoming this type of struggle and still living a calmer, more pleasure filled life. You can learn to cope with anxiety, experience more feelings of joy and contentment, and ultimately learn to control these anxiety symptoms.



Coping With Anxiety Symptoms


It is our role as Calgary anxiety therapists to make sure that you’re able to learn to not only cope with your anxiety symptoms – but to help you control them, and ensure that you’re able to respond to stress in an emotionally healthy way.


Together at Innovative Counselling Solutions, we’ll challenge your anxious thoughts and teach you about the physical symptoms until you’ve developed the right mindset and strength to stop anxiety from controlling you. If you feel your anxiety has taken over your life and are ready for a real change, please give us a call and let’s start working towards a healthy solution.

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