Counselling is often a last resort for marriages that are struggling. But counselling can also be a very fulfilling process – one that can build trust in a relationship and teach two partners how to be more affectionate, collaborative, happier and long-loving partners.


We all need guidance in order to build a successful marriage. That’s why all marriages, especially new marriages, engagements, and couples that simply want to strengthen their bond can benefit from marriage education and healthy relationship counselling.



What is the Marriage Education Process?


Marriage education is an opportunity to learn what a healthy relationship looks like, and what it takes to achieve it. It is a skills gaining opportunity – one that will keep you and your partner focused on growing together, and finding comfort in each other as time passes. Using research based interventions from our counselling services, you’ll learn some of the most important parts of a healthy relationship, including:


  • Communication – Learn how to create a safe space for open communication, including listening and responding to your partner’s needs.


  • Trust – Learn how to build trust in a relationship, and the efforts it takes to keep that trust from crumbling.


  • Work/Life Balance – Learn how to prioritize your partner no matter where you are financially or professionally.


  • Affection and Love – Figure out each other’s love languages and how you can show love and affection to each other every day.


  • Mutual Goals – Create and achieve mutual goals that ensure that the two of you are always on the same path together.


  • Handle Conflict– Learn what ways to manage your conflicts and differences in a healthy way to ensure a positive connection.


A healthy marriage isn’t without fighting or arguments. It’s not without its stresses or complications. There are always going to be issues that test your relationship.


But a healthy marriage rises above it. In a healthy marriage, you know that the two of you will still be together, still be happy, and still succeed. In healthy marriages, a couple still shows love and affection towards each other even immediately after a fight, and they don’t worry about whether or not things will be okay. In healthy marriages, couples look for ways they can help their partner rather than themselves, and when there is a problem they create the safe space to talk about it openly.



Our Marriage Education Services in Calgary


Innovative Counselling Solutions wants to be there for you throughout your marriage, in good times and bad. With so many couples struggling, those that know they want to be together forever should strongly consider marriage education, and start working towards a happy, long term future. Contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today to learn more.

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