Counselling for Children

Child development is incredibly complex. Some parents think that everything they do affects the outcomes of their child, and that’s not true. Other parents think that children will outgrow their problems and they do not need to be involved, and that’s not true either.


As a parent, you can’t control every factor of your child’s life. But when your child is suffering, you can make sure that they are as equipped as possible for overcoming them.



Studies have consistently shown that childhood struggling isn’t something to ignore. For example, as many as 50% of children with anxiety will grow up to be adults with anxiety, and even those that overcome their stresses may have missed out on important developmental opportunities or education because of their childhood issues. Ask yourself:


  • Does your child’s behavior truly seem “normal?”


  • Is your child succeeding in school and making friends?


  • Has your child been bullied or experienced trauma in the past?


  • Are you having an easy time raising your child?


Sometimes childhood problems can be difficult to spot as well. Children don’t show they’re struggling the same way adults do. They may appear happy to their parents, complain of illnesses despite no fever, or even be “fine” in only specific environments, like the comfort of their own home.


When there is any reason to think a child is struggling, it’s often valuable to have them talk to a child counsellor – someone that can properly assess how they’re doing and work with them to ensure they’re developing in a healthy way.



How we can Help 


We’re pleased to be able to offer several child counselling services in Calgary, for those that believe their child may benefit from a safe and supportive ear. Some of our services include:

Child depression therapy
Child anxiety counselling
Bullying help and recovery
ADD/ADHD counselling and analysis

Drug and alcohol use
Parent-child conflict
Educational assessments

While these represent a sample of what we can offer, perhaps more than anything else we can provide that extra ear to make sure your child has someone to talk to. We work with children ages 0 to 12, as well as teenagers, and we also offer family therapy options for those in need.


If you’re ready to discuss your child’s well-being, please consider giving us a call today. Parents have that instinct that knows when their child could benefit from Calgary counselling services, and we’re ready and willing to start helping guide your child through the aging process. Call now.

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