Open, safe communication is the cornerstone to a great relationship. You two need to be free to speak to each other in a way that isn’t damaging, and you need to have trust that what you share isn’t going to become a fight. And if you do fight, you need to be certain that once things calm down, you’ll talk about it until you both feel better.



Determining When a Couple Needs Communication Help


There are points in your relationship when you may be fighting or arguing, but when it’s all over you both feel better, and you feel free to continue showing and accepting love. Then there are other points in a relationship when you feel like you’re always walking on eggshells, and you would rather avoid your partner than face your problems.


  • Do you use the words “always” or “never” often?


  • Do you have fights with your partner in your head before they happen?


  • Are you afraid to tell your partner what’s on your mind?


  • Do you think your partner doesn’t value your opinion or thoughts?


  • Are you having fun conversations at all?


It can be hard to identify when couples have reached the point where the communication has broken down because it’s not about fighting. Indeed, some couples that could benefit from communication help aren’t fighting at all. But when communication between you has turned unhealthy, and there are fewer times when the two of you can talk about your relationship, it may be time to get communication help through couples counselling.



Calgary Communication Counselling for Couples


Relationships take work from both partners, but because of egos and habits it can be hard to motivate yourself to fix the relationship. At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we are Calgary’s first source for facilitating change in relationships. Our role is to provide a judgment free space so that both of you are able to learn to communicate in a healthier way.


We’ll work on what your issues are, why you’re not communicating well, and strategies for healthy communication so that the two of you can start speaking together in a productive way. We’ll also take a look at any underlying problems, and focus on new ways to create love in your relationship.



Our Relationship Counselling Services Will Help You Communicate


Fights happen, and arguments or disagreements are inevitable. But it is also important to always be able to talk to each other and keep a healthy dialogue, even when you do disagree. Calgary couples that would like that extra help should contact us today, so that together we can start working on your relationship and fixing your communication issues. Call now.

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