Healing Broken Relationships


No couple accepts the idea of divorce on a whim. Often two people try so hard to work it out on their own, only to find that they feel helpless – unable to pick up the pieces, and unable to have faith in the relationship succeeding.


In some cases it may have been caused by an event, such as infidelity, financial stress, or dealing with loss. In other cases it may have been a slow breakdown in communication and trust. No matter the cause, it’s something that is both emotionally unbearable and, deep within each other’s hearts, unwanted.



Finding a Solution Through Divorce and Separation Counselling


When you’ve reached a stage where it feels like the relationship can’t continue further, what you may need is to see a couple’s counsellor. Couple’s counselling provides tools that are there to assist in your recovery:


  • Divorce Prevention – Using scientifically validated communication tools, couple’s counselling will work with both of you on divorce prevention. Both partners will have their needs openly discussed, and no rock will be left unturned in an effort to keep you together as a couple.


  • Separation Coping – If separation has already occurred, couple’s counselling can show you how to make sure that you’re both not overwhelmed by the stress, while working towards keeping communication open and healthy. Separation can take its toll on you both individually and as a couple, and so working towards reducing that stress is important for a healthier future.


  • Co-Parenting – When children are involved, couple’s counselling can help you figure out how to co-parent together in a way that is best for the child. Co-parenting is one of the most common places for emotional breakdown, so counselling to ensure you’re both communicating well and raising your child in the best way possible is very important.


Relationships that have reached this stage have likely gone through many ups and downs. But there is always hope – both for a rekindled relationship and for a successful connection outside of it. It simply starts with working with a Calgary divorce counsellor that can help put you in the right direction for recovery, and help facilitate the changes that you are going through.


Heal Your Relationship with Your Partner


At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we’ve worked with many couples on their relationship problems, and we understand the significant stress that couples can go through before a separation and divorce. If your relationship is crumbling and you need help both individually and as a couple, contact us today. Let’s start working on your relationship right away and help you break down any walls keeping you from communicating with each other.

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