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One of the most important steps for facilitating change is building rapport with a counsellor that you trust. While therapeutic style and expertise do play a role in recovery, a connection with your counsellor is very important. You have to feel a relationship is there, otherwise it is difficult to open up and even more difficult to allow the counsellor to hold your hand through the process.


That’s why when you choose a counsellor, it’s important to find someone you can connect with. But what if that counsellor isn’t in your neighborhood, city, state, or even country?



Counselling through the Internet


At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we’re pleased to offer what we term: “E-Counselling” – counselling that can take place online or on the phone whenever is most convenient for you.

Our goal with our online counselling services is to make sure our counselling is always available to those that need it. Whether you are a:


  • Current client that is on vacation and needs assistance.


  • Potential client that is hesitant to open up in person.


  • New client out of the city/country that wants to work with our team.


Our E-Counselling services are designed to open up our counselling to anyone that needs it, without geography or travel affecting your ability to receive help.



Can Online Counselling Be Effective


While traditional counselling does take place in-person, the reason for that one-on-one counselling is because it makes it easier to create a connection with the counsellor. But if you have that connection, online counselling can actually have several advantages:


  • It allows you to work with counsellors you trust anywhere in the world.


  • It allows you to easily schedule in a counsellor when it is best for you.


  • It allows some people to open up more easily to the counsellor.


While sitting with a counsellor in person may improve rapport, some find that sitting in front of a counsellor causes fear that prevents them from opening up as easily. E-Counselling can have very real benefits for those that want to work with Innovative Counselling Solutions.


We at Innovative Counselling strongly encourage you to meet with us in person if you’re capable. Working with a counsellor one-on-one does have some more personal advantages. But you can still experience quality counselling that can assist you in seeing change occur in your life. Contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today to find out more about our online counselling services.

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