Guilt and shame are powerful emotions. In many ways they can be even more consuming than sadness, anxiety, and more. Both guilt and shame are felt deep inside, and they impact your daily life in every possible way.


Ways of Experiencing Guilt and ShameThere are two ways that guilt and shame can become strong enough that they require some type of assistance to help decrease the pain they cause:


  • Past Regret – One way is to have past mistakes control your life. In some cases these mistakes may be subjective, where you are allowing yourself to struggle for something that wasn’t a mistake. In others, you may have made a mistake, but it’s continuing to affect your life longer than it should.


  • Future Avoidance – There are also those that find themselves so consumed by the risk of shame and guilt that they do anything they can to avoid it, never able to live a freely and constantly feeling that people are judging them or that they’re making mistakes.


Both shame and guilt can be caused by religious beliefs, family members, your sense of morals, or it can simply be a part of your personality. But no matter what causes those feelings, the emotions run deep. They are very difficult to wash away, and in some cases not something that can be washed away without help.



Treating Your Shame and Guilt


Struggling with these types of emotions is never easy. That’s why we recommend you consider our counsellors at Innovative Counselling Solutions. We work with men and women in Calgary that find that these two emotions are taking over, and that they are unable to live happily as a result.


Our team of experts is happy to work with anyone, and facilitate the positive change necessary for them to overcome the negative emotions that control them. We know how devastating these emotions can be, and we’re confident that working together we can make sure that neither shame nor guilt plays an extended role in your life.


If you’re ready to start seeing a positive change in your life and reducing those negative feelings that are holding you back from contentment, contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today. We want to help you work through any of your guilt or shame problems and start seeing a very real difference in your emotional health. Call now to learn more.

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