Counselling for Pastors

Spiritual leaders are known for their open ears and their kind hearts. Pastors and Christian workers are expected to provide guidance to lost souls and parishioners that need someone to put them on a path towards spiritual growth and maturity.


But all of that help provided for others can take a huge toll on those providing that guidance. Pastors and Christian workers are not immune to the same challenges that affect other men and women. They are vulnerable and under-resourced in the areas of work-life balance, authentic friendships and burnout. They are expected to have it all together and not show any signs of weakness.


In an effort to meet their responsibilities toward the church and God, pastors and Christian workers often face an onslaught of criticism, relentless time demands, and family sacrifices that are often grueling. Pastors and Christian workers spend a great deal of their time and energy to engage intimately and intensely with others. Yet, there is often no one to lend a listening ear when they need someone to listen to their concerns.

Caring for yourself is caring for others


“Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own – you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body.”  1 Corinthians 6:19-20


Caring for others is a noble cause. But caring for others at the expense of caring for yourself is against the Bible’s own commandments. The bodies of pastors and Christian workers are a gift from God, and that gift needs to be responded to by being good stewards of themselves. Yet many of those working for the church find that they dedicate themselves to the spirit of others, and often lose track of their own emotional and spiritual needs.


And when you start to suffer – emotionally, physically, or spiritually – it can take away from the help that you can give to others, and the assistance that you can provide to God. The happier, calmer, and more in control you feel, the stronger and more effective spiritual leader.

Counselling Solutions for Pastors


Anyone that works as a Christian leader – whether you’re a pastor or a Christian worker, – can benefit from counselling from a trained therapist and fellow pastor. At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we offer several solutions for spiritual leaders, including:

Mental Health Counselling

We as human beings will always be fragile and imperfect, and that means that we are prone to the same challenges as others. If you find that you’re struggling with anxiety, sadness/depression, severe stress, or other emotional challenges, mental health counselling for Christian leaders is a healthy way to make sure that you’re able to overcome them.


Spiritual Counselling for Pastors

Hundreds of men and women come to you for spiritual counselling every year. But who do you go to when you’re in need of help with your own Christian beliefs and values?


Even the most devout Christians can go through periods of time where they feel they need someone to talk to about their beliefs, their understanding of God, and their emotional connection to the Lord. That’s why we extend our spiritual counseling services to Christian leaders as well, and encourage anyone that has ever felt even a tinge of doubt to speak with our trained Christian Counsellors.


Pastoral Relationship Counselling

Pastors and Christian workers are more likely to have marital problems and conflict regarding parenting. They live their lives in a virtual fishbowl, and there is seemingly no room for error. The multiplied pressures add up and rapidly take their toll and the resulting awareness of weakness and loss of confidence can be instrumental in the abandonment of church, family or even their faith.


Your life outside of the church is much like the life of everyone else. The difference is that, as a Christian leader, your relationships are heavily scrutinized and you are under a lot of pressure to set an example.


But relationships are a lot of work – a lot of work that takes place in addition to the work you put into your Christian practices. That’s why at Innovative Counselling Solutions, we offer couples counselling for pastors: discreet, confidential relationship counselling that will take into account your roles as religious leaders while also focusing on how to improve and heal your relationship.

From Pastor to Pastor: Innovative Counselling for Christian Leaders


Our goal at Innovative Counselling Solutions is to facilitate positive change in the lives of anyone that is in need of help, and pastors – despite their incredible spirit and the work they do for the community – can often find themselves in positions that need change.


Let us at Innovative Counselling Solutions provide any spiritual leader create the change they need to continue to be leaders in the community. Call us today for a confidential discussion about your life and your goals.

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