There are so many questions that occur after a partner is emotionally or physically unfaithful, and there is no clear answer. It’s like taking a sledgehammer to your trust, and damaging to your emotions.


  • How do you build back trust?


  • How do you overcome a terrible jealousy?


  • How do you heal after you’ve been broken?

What it Takes to Rebuild after Infidelity


There’s no denying that the effects of infidelity can be long lasting. It shatters any illusion that a relationship was perfect, and it is something that will always be hard to overcome.


Responding to infidelity requires treating your relationship like it’s new again – building a foundation that you can then use to have a successful relationship, rather than hiding the damage with duct tape and hoping no one notices. It’s a process – a process for both partners – and everyone involved needs to have patience and realistic expectations.



Speaking With A Calgary Relationship Counsellor About Infidelity


Couples that are hoping to overcome from this type of breach in trust need to both be willing to do whatever it takes to overcome it. But because of the communication breakdown, it’s also something that benefits from outside help – so that both partners have an opportunity to discuss what’s been going wrong, and both partners have an opportunity to try to make it work.


Recovering from this type of issue is never easy. But at Innovative Counselling Solutions in Calgary, we have years of experience working with couples that have gone through infidelity from one or both partners and managed to overcome it. With the right guidance, couples can heal. Provided both are willing to go through the process and share openly, recovery is something that can be had, and a successful relationship can still be a possibility.



Start Building Trust Now


Couples in the Calgary area that are ready to learn more about overcoming infidelity should give us a call today. Working together, we will use relationship counselling to show you how to build trust again and put your relationship back on the right path. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and let’s start working together as soon as possible.

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