The best relationships take work. Everyone wishes that a relationship were easy, but the most successful couples are the ones that are working hard every day to make sure that their partner is happy, they’re happy, and that the relationship continues to grow.


Often couples get into habits that can make that difficult. It will feel, at times, like the two of you are coasting with what you have – worried more about your own needs than your partners and unwilling to take the time to try to impress them or let them know how much they mean to you.


At times your relationship may struggle as a result, or you may find that you’re fighting more or walking on eggshells every day. You may be too concerned with upsetting your partner, or you may develop expectations that your partner could never reach.



Strengthening a Relationship


Relationship coaching isn’t just about healing a relationship – although that does play a role. Relationship coaching is about strengthening a relationship. It’s about making sure that the bond you share can bend but never break, and that whenever you struggle you come out stronger because of it.


For many, the very idea of changing a relationship or needing someone else’s help to strengthen it is almost silly. But human beings are prone to developing habits, and those habits can become major issues if they are unable to be controlled. We have all experienced the habit of:


  • Creating imaginary fights with your partner in your mind about what they “would say” if you talked to them about what’s bothering you.


  • Feeling as though your partner needs to make you happy, but that you do not necessarily have to do anything first to earn it.


  • Believing as though “it is what it is” and that your relationship is at a place where you no longer need to try and impress your partner.


Some of these relationships problems develop trust issues, especially if there is emotional and physical infidelity. Some of them simply become routine, and you’re unable to experience the joy that you want out of your relationship.


No matter the issue, relationship coaching is designed to improve your relationship and help you reconnect with your partner again. Coaching is used by couples that have undergone major life stresses, and they have been used by couples that feel their relationships are fine, but simply stuck in a rut and in need of a way out.


At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we provide friendly, understanding, and fair relationship coaching in Calgary for couples that are in need of that additional help. It’s our goal to create a safe place that allows you to openly talk about your needs and wants, and receive guidance that will facilitate positive change in your relationship.


If you and your partner believe you’re in need of Calgary relationship counselling and coaching, and want an understanding ear that will allow you to communicate effectively, contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today. Learn why many couples have used ICS for their relationship coaching needs.

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