Stress is becoming an all too common – and too accepted — part of life. Stress isn’t simply an emotion or a feeling that ruins your day. Stress is a serious problem:


  • Stress can lead to the development of mental health disorders.
  • Stress can change the way you see the world – turning positives to negatives.
  • Stress can put strain on your work and your relationships, creating more stress.


Stress is self-fulfilling – a daily issue that can take all of the happiness out of life. When stress seems to be controlling your life, Innovative Counselling Solutions is here to help.



Counselling for Stress


Counselling isn’t only for mental health disorders. It’s also for those that want someone to talk to – someone that can guide them towards positive change, and make sure that they’re working in their own best interests towards complete happiness.


Stress management is a day to day activity. It’s a skill – almost like a muscle – that you learn to use to prevent stress from ruining your life. It’s also something that can be picked up through regular conversations with a skilled stress management counsellor, which is someone that can act as a sounding board for your day to day life. They can make sure your stresses are able to be released so as not to hold you back from achieving contentment.



Finding a Guiding Counsellor


Our role at Innovative Counselling Solutions is to find you a counsellor that you connect with and can talk to like a best friend, a mentor, and a listener. Stress can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you have someone in your life that you can talk to once in a while or on a regular basis – depending on your needs.

Our counselling solutions are a great choice for those that find stress is controlling them, whether it’s:


  • Work Stress


  • Relationship Stress


  • Family Stress


  • Parenting Stress


  • Aging Stress


Or simply negative thoughts that occur in day to day life. If you’re interested in talking to a Calgary stress counselor or you would like to learn more about our stress management solutions, contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today, and start to see some real change in your life.

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