There is nothing more difficult in life than dealing with trauma. Trauma, by its very definition, means that out of nowhere you experienced something terrible – something that could not be imagined or prepared for.


Trauma can be emotional. It can be physical. It can be both. When you struggle with trauma, you’re often struggling with a sudden and immediate change to the comfort that you felt in life, and it’s no surprise that overcoming that trauma can be difficult.



Types of Trauma and Trauma Counselling


Trauma changes your reality, and when something changes your reality it becomes hard to shake it. Trauma itself would not be as much of a problem if it was easy to recover. But trauma leads to other emotions that can take a long time to control, including:


  • Grief


  • Depression


  • Anxiety/PTSD


Trauma is so powerful that there is some evidence it can actually change your brain chemistry, put your body on high alert, and create stress issues that make you relive the event because of nothing more than a sound. Trauma can be life altering in every way.



Trauma Counselling From ICS


At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we understand that you’re struggling. You’re struggling with your day to day life, you’re struggling with overcoming the trauma, and your relationships and work may be struggling as well.


In order to recover from those struggles, you need someone to talk to – someone that understands you and is ready to work with you to help facilitate your recovery. Partnering with a Calgary trauma counselor that is familiar with the delicacies of trauma is simply one of the most effective ways to see a difference in your recovery.


Our counsellors are trained to be sensitive to your needs. We understand how difficult it can be to live with trauma, and how much it takes out of you every day that you struggle with your feelings and your emotions. It will always be a sensitive subject, and that’s why at Innovative Counselling Solutions in Calgary, we make sure that you’re receiving quality, understanding support from experienced counsellors and psychologists that are ready to facilitate positive change.



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If you are struggling with trauma, you shouldn’t be forced to deal with it alone. Contact Innovative Counselling Solutions today, and learn more about how we’ll help you see a positive change in your recovery process.

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