Domestic abuse ruins any relationship. There is no excuse for violence, and the level of relationship breakdown that occurs after only a single violent act can change both partners forever.


There is an important place for domestic abuse counselling in the lives of those that have been through violence in relationships, no matter the role:


  • Those that have experience violence in their current relationships should seek help right away to avoid further relationship struggles.


  • Those that have experienced violence in past relationships benefit from domestic abuse counselling in order to ensure they’re healing in their current relationships.


  • Those that have abused a partner in any relationships should commit to domestic abuse and anger management counselling to ensure it never happens again.


Violence is always traumatic, and violence from your relationship partner can be devastating, with seismic effects that may control your behaviors, your emotions, and the way you see the world for years to come.



Seeking Out a Domestic Violence Counsellor in Calgary


Violence in any relationship can impact your past, present, and most of all your future. It can create psychiatric issues and it always breaks down trust with your partner that may be nearly impossible to heal.


Couples that are struggling with domestic violence in any way should contact me today. Violence in relationships isn’t something that simply heals on its own, nor is it something that the two of you should assume will heal. It’s something that you want to work more towards daily, and commit yourselves to ensuring that it never again plays any role in your life.



We Create a Safe and Supportive Therapeutic Environment


At Innovative Counselling Solutions, we know how complicated violence in relationships can be and how much these couples want nothing more than to heal and move past it. It’s so important that you seek help as soon as possible, because the emotional damage that comes from violent relationships is hard to stop and can cascade into other areas of life.


Contact us today to get started, and let’s work together right away to start healing. Call now.

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