Even though work is supposed to be a means to an end, there is no denying that your job and your day to day work life has an effect on your happiness. When you spend 12 hours a day, 5 days a week working, you’re essentially living two lives – your home life, and your work life.


So when that work life starts to become too much of a challenge – or worse, it starts to bleed into your home life – that’s when it may be time to receive some type of work counseling from Innovative Counselling Solutions.



What Work Can Do To Your Happiness


40 hours a week with the same people in the same office, contributing to part of a team will always effect your emotions. When you’re mistreated, or you feel unappreciated, or there is too much to do and you’re feeling overwhelmed – those feelings can affect you every day:


  • It’s not uncommon to feel nauseated before work.


  • It’s not uncommon to feel the stress of work long after work is over.


  • It’s not uncommon to feel depressed or anxious every day because of your job.


When you’re struggling with work you’re often struggling with every component of your life, and it can have an effect on your mental health that can last a long time – even after you leave your job.


Without a healthy work/life balance, along with an effective way of coping with a difficult workplace, it’s going to be very difficult to enjoy your life – and you deserve to enjoy your life.



Innovative Counselling Solutions – Your Source for Work Counselling At Innovative Counselling Solutions, our role is to facilitate positive change, and help you on your path towards a happier and more joy filled life. We have trained and experienced counsellors whose role it is to help you figure out what it will take to prevent your stresses from overcoming you, so that you can survive at work, at home, and beyond.


Talking to a counsellor is a proven, successful way to make managing your work life simpler.



When is the Right Time to See a Work Counsellor?


Work is an ongoing process, so any time you want someone to talk to about your work and home life, counselling may be a great option. But there are times when it’s important to see a counsellor about work related problems:


  • When your workplace interferes with your home life.


  • When you wake up every day anxious, sick, or mad to go to work.


  • When your workplace has provided you with consistent stress for several months.


There isn’t necessarily a wrong time to see a counsellor, but there is a right time. As soon as you start noticing that your job is genuinely affecting your life on a daily basis, it’s time to get help.


Innovative Counselling Solutions has counsellors that are trained to provide quality counselling and therapy for those that are struggling with work related problems, and we are happy to talk to you about your struggles and facilitate positive change in your life. Contact us today to find out more about our counselling options and to find out why we’re Calgary’s leading provider of work counselling solutions.

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